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October 8, 2023

  • We noted that the community bed cleanup went well, and the remaining plants are still growing, with peppers ripening.
  • We approved a $300 budget for the Oct. 29 Fall party.
  • We discussed rats, especially that:
    • The best way to drive out rats is to find and collapse their burrows continually and to try to make the garden less hospitable to new burrows. During the work day, we placed red flags where that needs to happen. Some burrows go around plant roots and must be addressed in the winter. Corey explained why other strategies, such as traps and poison, won’t be effective in the long term.
    • The compost bin needs to be rat-proofed, especially having its lids completed.
    • We approved $200 in rat-proofing materials (meshes, copper and/or foam fill, etc) so we can evaluate how well various options work and how well they fit within the garden.