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October 3, 2021

Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day and that the garden sits on land taken from the Lenape, we will donate to an organization below, to be decided at the next meeting. We voted to use $125 in garden funds and hope to collect matching funds from members to donate at least $300.

Dwane’s apartment was flooded by Ida. He will continue as a garden member and membership co-coordinator, but while he’s sorting out this situation, Corey is handling most membership coordinator duties for now.

If you want to support Dwane, his Venmo name is @Dwane-Maxwell, or contact redshedmembership@gmail.com for more info.

We voted to make a few process changes, both for better communication and to better comply with our by-laws. The by-laws call for advance notice of votes involving large changes in the garden or expenses over $25:

Members must submit proposals relating larger changes in the garden and expenses over $25 to the RSCG general email at redshedcommunitygarden@gmail.com. Proposals will be disseminated via email newsletters to all members for review. Members will discuss and vote on proposals at general meetings

The by-laws also stipulate that “[m]eeting minutes will be kept and saved on the RSCG website blog for members’ review.”

We voted in July to include minutes of each meeting in the Mailchimp reminder for the following meeting. Going forward, we will use the website to prepare the minutes for those mailings.

The blog is back online, and initial minutes should be posted on the blog shortly after each meeting. Committee chairs and others needing to correct minutes, add details, or provide details on an upcoming vote can edit the minutes over the next week. (Contact Joe if you need a website account.) The minutes sent with meeting reminders will be copied from the website.

The garden has a lot of daffodil bulbs. They were planted around the garden, and extras will be given to Cooper Park volunteers for planting there. There might be extra for planning in other public places in the neighborhood. Ask Tina if you’re looking for any.

The events committee is planning the Halloween party for 1:00-6:00pm on October 31. Charlie Waters will play live music. Geoff will coordinate a playlist. Contact the events committee to be involved with planning. events@redshedgarden.com is now set up to reach committee chairs.

The compost committee is still working on plans for a new bin, to be proposed for a vote later this season. Contact the compost committee to be involved.

We used the finished compost bin for some of the soil recent delivered by Green Thumb, so use bagged compost if you need pure compost.

We’re testing email aliases for reaching committee chairs. As mentioned above, email sent to events@redshedgarden.com will reach events co-chairs. We also set up communitybeds@redshedgarden.com and might set up others.

If testing works, we will revisit these addresses at an upcoming meeting and vote on any necessary decisions.