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October 16, 2022

  • Green Thumb:
    • Looking to get more shovels
    • We can get these on October 29 between 10am-1pm
  • Events:
    • Halloween Party:
      • Voted yes on $300 budget for food and drinks for the event 
      • Still waiting to hear back on pumpkin donation from David for pumpkin painting.
      • Everyone loves the idea of a pie contest. We can include this on the second batch of flyers. 
      • Travis will promote the times of the contests on IG.
      • Action Needed:
        • Alex is changing the flier to say 1-6pm and including the pie contest at 5pm – once we have this updated/printed Travis wanted to get the digital file to post on IG
        • Need people to hand out thank you cards and put up event flyers this week and next – send a list of donors to the team so we can do this 
        • Need a firm list of volunteers for setup, tear down and a food run. Setup at 12:30, food runs the day of (make a list) and tear down after 6:00 pm. Have two volunteers for setup (Jeff and Alden)
        • Alden said his sister would be open to donating her time and performing at the event, although she is a solo artist and usually sings acoustic. Her IG is  @dania_music_ .If this does not work Jeff may be able to DJ and set up a playlist that works.  
        • If we have t-shirts left over do we want to sell those at the event?