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October 16, 2021

We’ll use the southwest planters for strawberries and other beds for blueberries. Daffodil planting should wrap up today. If you’d like extra bulbs for another public use, check with Tina.

Please continue to map what you plant. Peter is coordinating a plan of all the community plants on the garden. Adding bulbs and such to that is useful for a number of reasons.

We discussed the existing two plans for community bed reconstruction. Members generally support merging existing beds, but the exact boundaries of the new large bed are to be determined. The mulberry tree and adjacent building shade the beds, but expansion is limited by the path and, especially, the gate and the need for a delivery zone inside the gate. Peter will provide another option (or several). Online minutes will be updated, and/or they’ll be sent on the Mailchimp list in advance of a vote.

We placed a Green Thumb request for shovels, salt, and more to manage snow and ice this winter.

Help increase our donation to NATIFS. Send a Venmo payment to @RedShed. Add NATIFS to your note.

Our Indigenous Peoples Day donation will go to NATIFS. The garden’s treasury will will give $125. The CSA might also donate. We hope to collect at least $175 in addition contributions from members to be bundled with the garden donation. Venmo to the Red Shed account, @RedShed, or give cash to one of our treasurers, Charlotte and Alison.

Charlotte, Rosie, and board members will coordinate adding Alison to our bank account, which requires signatures from all board members and the three of them jointly visiting the bank.

We voted to add a meeting (not a workday) on December 4 for 2022 board elections and any other final votes of the year. Time wasn’t discussed, but presumably it will start at 10:30. Potential board members can be nominated by any member, including self-nomination, anytime before the vote.

David brought a first aid kit and Narcan kit (for suspected opioid overdose treatment) from an event in Cooper Park. He’ll work with the community group from that event to organize a training on how to use the kit, likely at our November 13 meeting.

The Halloween Party is on track. Flyers will be at the garden later this week. Email the events committee (events@redshedgarden.com) to help with publicity or decoration. The Department of Sanitation asked to set up an info table at the party to promote the city compost program, and we voted in support.