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November 13, 2021

Lara had a complaint through Greenthumb. One of the neighbors saw smoke from the chimenea and reported it. As the fire department has in the past approved of use of the chimenea, we are considering it a stalemate with neighbors. There prob won’t be many more bbqs/fires this season anyway. That said, be cautious with fires and neighbors.

We discussed cleaning out the debris by the shed/outhouse. It’s a big task and we should plan ahead to have enough help. 

Two members approached Corey after the meeting about hoping to extend their (smaller than average) garden beds with the new lumber. They’d like to vote/organize working on garden beds perhaps before Christmas. 

There was a dead squirrel in an open water barrel. This is a reminder that all barrels should remain covered to prevent this. 

The community beds were partially turned leaving only a few plants and herbs for the remainder of the season. 
Compost was sifted and turned.