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May 22, 2022

Community Beds

  • Bring wine bottles for community beds


  • Weeding
    • Tetterwort (Greater Celandine) weeding
    • Morning Glory
  • Plants from green thumb: Goldenrod and Mountain Mint


  • Replacing mesh on bins
  • Squash plants found growing in compost :O

Open Garden Day

  • Saturday, June 4th
  • Gardens opening doors across north Brooklyn
  • Need food donations: bagels?

Edible veggie plants up for grabs!

Water has been filled up, thanks Travis!

June 26 fundraiser

Can someone pickup mosquito dunks from Crest?

Puddle now forming due to fixes on corner of Skillman and Kingsland

  • call 311 to complain about the large puddle accumulating to get enough complaints to resolve