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March 26, 2023

  • Voted to switch from a key lock to a combo lock for the front gate. The code will be shared with members and can be reset every season. 
  • Compost
    • Voted YES on the compost plans budget of ~$2,000. 
    • David/Peter will begin purchasing supplies this week.  
    • All materials here for the next meeting 04/08. 
    • The Compost Committee will put together a work plan for building a compost bin to discuss at the April 8th meeting. 
  • Votes YES for open hours to stay the same as last year. 
    • A sign up to be sent out with the newsletter twice a month to ensure someone is at the garden during open hours. 
  • Community Beds
    • Seedlings will be planted in community beds by end of april/early may – april 7th order due. 
  • A reminder that anything over $25 shouldn’t be thrown away without garden group approval.