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March 20, 2022

  • Greenthumb
    • Mary picked up supplies from Greenthumb
      • pruners, gloves, watering cans, etc
  • Communications
    • Mica Finehart voted in as Communications co-chair
  • Water
    • Travis turned water on
  • Seeds
    • Joe, Tina, Anna announced beginning of seed library
  • Events
    • Voted to make Red Shed Garden last stop for the Open Garden day, which will entail hosting duties. Need more info.
  • Compost
    • Vote was taken to repair compost bins only and plan for further proposal and work to be done off season.
    • Compost was sorted and removed from first and last bins to facilitate inspection for repairs
  • General
    • Community beds completely revamped. Huge project that went great. Need to use available soil to fill in new community beds
    • Pile of Wood chips were distributed throughout garden
  • Small rocks removed from middle garden beds near center lawn

4/9 Agenda

  • Corey proposing using funds to deal with mosquito eradication