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June 19, 2022

  • Landscaping
    • Cherry plum tree isn’t doing well, proposal to remove it
    • Put a different tree there, maybe local
    • Vote at next meeting to remove or keep the tree
  • Rat infestation/Trash cleanup
    • Need a professional service for removal
    • No system of trash maintenance
    • 0 waste at the garden? (please take your trash with you when leaving the garden!)
  • Open hours
    • Discussion on schedule for open hours
  • Community beds
    • Time to start picking and pruning!
    • Be conscious of sick plants and containing them
      • trim them back
      • don’t touch a sick plant then touch a healthy plant (germs spread :O)
  • Annual summer fundraiser next Sunday 6/26 1-8 PM
    • Need help with setup, cleanup, potluck, grilling, purchasing items, putting up flyers