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July 24, 2022

  • Water
    • Leave mosquito dunks in the water barrels!
      • Joe is getting more
    • Hose is missing? We vote yes on using $50 on a 100 foot hose
  • Rat abatement updates:
    • Green Thumb is renewing partnership with rat abatement companies which just expired and going to start again and run from July-next June.
    • Proposal to have contractors install a small plexiglass barrier for a more permanent resolution which will cost a few 1000 vs constantly paying 200/month for extermination service.
      • Looking into estimates
  • Voted on having sign out front for Venmo donations
    • Can do donation jar at events, smaller fundraising events,
    • Can only have 2 events where we get money where we explicitly ask it for it (i.e. Summer fundraiser)
  • Landscaping
    • Baby Morning Glorys are everywhere! If you see some pull them out :)