We are a community-run organization, and part of NYC Parks and Recreation’s GreenThumb project.

We seek to promote…

Organic horticulture and agriculture in an urban setting.

We utilize and encourage sustainable practices, such as rainwater collection, composting and recycling.

Cooperative engagement with the local community.

In return for small annual dues, members have access to individual and shared plots for the purpose of growing edible plants and flowers.

Through the membership dues and fundraising events, Red Shed Community Garden provides its members with the means and support for urban gardening by maintaining access to the space and water, and by providing tools and supplies for shared use. Please read the garden by-laws for more information.

Utilization of the garden by the East Williamsburg community.

Members of the garden maintain ‘Open Hours’ throughout the gardening season, allowing the non-member public access to the garden space to enjoy the benefits of a natural environment within a dense and highly industrialized urban landscape.

The garden acts as an educational resource, provides space for community events, serves as a pick-up location for Community Support Agriculture (CSA), and is a forum used by an extremely diverse social, economic, and racially mixed neighborhood.

Become a member!

To get started as an RSCG member, check out our calendar and join us at our next meeting. Questions regarding membership? Get in touch.